The Attack On Free Speech

The Left wants to muzzle dissenting opinion. Western Civilization is legislating Hate Speech Laws. Hate Speech Laws tell you what you can say and what you can’t say.

The Left purports to hold the superior moral ground. Therefore anything they do to thwart those who disagree with them is moral and justified in their eyes.

Just look at those Radical Environmentalists who want to fine and jail anyone who disagrees with Anthropogenic Global Warming, er excuse me, Climate Change.

Just look at the same people who would do the same to those who would point out some of the drawbacks to Radical Muslim Jihadists and Sharia Law.

Just look at hose who would like to do the same to those who are Right To Lifers.

Just look at the Fairness Doctrine imposed on talk radio and Net Neutrality.

Just look what happened to those who published the Danish Cartoon.

And those who would make bakers make Gay Wedding cakes.

And how is it that the American Flag is now something that might offend someone?

Question: Who gets to play God in a democratic Republic? Answer: Those that turn a democratic Republic into a totalitarian State.


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