Voter Fraud: How Hillary Won California By 3 Million Votes In The 2016 Presidential Election

Hillary won the popular vote in the 2016 Presidential election by 3 million votes. She won California by 3 million votes.  So ostensibly she really didn’t win the popular vote – SHE STOLE IT. AND THAT IS WHY DEMOCRATS AND THE LEFT WANT TO DO AWAY WITH THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE AND HAVE A DIRECT ELECTION OF THE PRESIDENT BY NATIONAL POPULAR VOTE BECAUSE THEY KNOW THAT THEIR VOTER FRAUD WILL GIVE THEM A CLEAR MAJORITY.

One, and there are many more, of those voter fraud methods is allowing illegal aliens to vote. California has become a Third World State where illegal aliens are allowed all the benefits of US citizens and more. It is now a Sanctuary State.  And millions of illegals have been pouring into the state for some time now.

California has been giving out drivers licenses to illegal aliens for a while. State officials will tell you that illegal alien drivers licenses have a special mark on the license that prohibits them from voting. So why are millions of illegal aliens voting?

Here’s why. The Secretary of State who is in charge of implementing voter law is not only ignoring the law but is directly telling all subordinates and polling personnel to ignore the distinction between citizens and illegals. If they show up with a drivers license they get to vote. When the Governor, Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, Treasurer and all Executive Departments are in the hands of the Democrat Party as well as the Legislature you get corruption because the Left does not play fair. It is win at all costs even by violating the law. And when you are in control you can enforce the law or refuse to enforce it or directly violate it. This is what Democrats do – anything to win.

Come on folks put on your thinking caps. No viable Presidential candidate loses a state by 3 million votes if everything is on the up and up.


Rush reports:

California Grants Drivers Licenses to 1,000,000 Illegals

That’s 1,000,00 new illegals

Did you see California has granted driver’s licenses to one million illegal aliens or immigrants? You know what that means. When you have a driver’s license, nobody’s gonna take the time to run numbers on you. When you have a driver’s license, you’re quite a way down the road to being perceived as not an illegal immigrant.

Illegals Line Up For Drivers Licenses

I mean, this is utter defiance of the United States system of law and rule of law, and it continues unabated in many of these left coast states, led by California. It’s heartening to see a number of California communities joining lawsuits against California cities that are operating in defiance of federal law as sanctuary cities. But it’s quickly becoming almost a separate country, California is, in terms of following federal law. And it’s strictly liberalism refusing to conform, liberalism refusing to compromise, liberalism refusing to accept the outcome of an election.

I’m thinking, folks, at some point California may be gone, but this stuff is ultimately gonna boomerang on the left and on the Democrats. I don’t know when, can’t predict that, but as the Millennials love to say, this stuff is unsustainable.

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