There Are No More Democrats, Just Socialists

The Democrat Party is being taken over by pure, undiluted, raw socialists.

Rush reports:

There is no Democrat Party, or there soon will not be a Democrat Party of your youth, and certainly not the Democrat Party of your parents. It is trending full-throttle socialism, and it doesn’t stop at socialism. Communism never stops at socialism, or socialism doesn’t stop until it gets to communism, and that’s where they are headed. The Democrat Party is being taken over by pure, undiluted, raw socialists.

They are winning primaries. They are determining the Democrat Party agenda. They have taken over California. California has already gone in that direction. California’s lost. There is no Democrat Party of old in California. It’s full-fledged radical and on the border of insane socialism. There isn’t, my friends… There is not an example in human history where socialism has fulfilled its promise. Not even close. There’s not one.

The most recent example of socialism gone amuck? Well, you could pick California. You could pick Venezuela. You could say pick any city in America that’s totally run unchecked by liberals. Now, that’s a problem for all of us, because what if the party keeps expanding on that basis? Right now, it is assumed that 40% of the Democrat Party is full-throated socialist and growing, and many people are attributing that to Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders

That, for whatever reason, Sanders has started attracting people, young people, and then the numbers have grown. And part of it is the Democrats really don’t like Hillary. A lot of Democrats just can’t stand Hillary. So Bernie was the natural choice to turn to if you didn’t like Hillary.

But if the Democrat Party’s able to convert the percentage of its people that we would still consider normal, if there are any left, if the Democrat Party becomes 80, 90% socialist, then we all have a problem. ‘Cause they’re gonna win some elections. I mean, they’re not gonna be shut out consistently. They’re gonna win some. And at some point they’re gonna win the White House back. It’s a major, major concern.

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