Brainwashed By Global Warming~Climate Change Hoax

So called man-made Climate Change has become a boutique issue for the rich

It’s part of the Global Redistribution of Wealth and the world Marxist-Socialist Movement

Another Example Of The Loony Left

American Thinker reports:

Young, dumb teenage girls form doomsday cult to fight ‘global warming’

The bestselling computer game of 2018 is called Far Cry 5.  It features a militant doomsday cult that takes over parts of America and tries to forcibly convince everyone that the world is about to end.  That could never happen for real in America, could it?

In a related story, a group of mostly teenage girls have formed a group with the doomsday-ish name “Zero Hour” because of their conviction that global warming is soon to destroy the world.  Do you think it’s too much to compare them to the militants in Far Cry 5?  Here’s a quote from their manifesto:

The elected officials must comply with the demands of the youth, therefore they must pass and enforce legislation and support policies that protect life and our future on this planet. This is a revolution.

“Demands.”  “Revolution.”  That sounds pretty militant to me.

Their leader is a 16-year-old named Jamie Margolin, a militantly brainwashed doomsday leftist.

Jamie Margolin

She may seem young, but never forget that many of the Red Guards in Mao’s China who committed unspeakable atrocities were young, too.  She looks grim in all her photos.  But, to be fair, would you be smiling if you thought the world was about to end?

The teenagers behind Zero Hour – an environmentally focused, creatively minded and technologically savvy nationwide coalition – are trying to build a youth-led movement to sound the alarm and call for action on climate change and environmental justice.  As sea levels rise, ice caps melt and erratic weather affects communities across the globe, they say time is running out to address climate change.

“I’ve always planned my future in ifs,” Ms. Margolin said.  If climate change hasn’t destroyed this, if the environment hasn’t become that.”

What has “climate change” “destroyed” that has prevented someone from doing anything?  The answer: nothing.  This single exchange showcases the doomsday ideology of Ms. Margolin.  She seriously believes that the world is about to end.

Here’s what Zero Hour stands for:

1. A blockade of all fossil fuel production.  That sounds as though it could get violent.

2. Stop eating meat.  You first.  On second thought, you first, second, and third.

3. Build “radically sustainable” homes made of garbage.  What, you think I made this up?  I mean it: homes made of garbage.

4. Growing food in every neighborhood.  I’ll bet the girls got this from Mao’s guide to the Great Leap Forward.  They were probably missing the page where it described how that turned out.

5. Generate zero waste.  Is this science fiction or fantasy?

6. Share clothes, appliances, households, and cars.  A pilot program should begin immediately with the homeless in San Francisco.

7. Rape culture must be dismantled.  And we only just finished setting up the rape culture!  And now they want us to dismantle it.  Typical!  (Yes, this is sarcasm.)

8. Create “collectives” to promote “permaculture,” which promotes eating shrubs, perennials, and annuals.  I can see the ad campaign now: “Daisies.  The other white meat.”

9. Legalize hemp for “medicine.”

10. Require fossil fuel companies to pay for “climate justice education” as “reparations” for the “harm” done to youth.  It’s like an environmental version of Jesse Jackson’s shakedown of big companies.

11. Protect Queer and Transsexuals from the sexual violence caused by fossil fuel industries.  Who knew that at very same time a power plant produces energy for thousands of homes, it is also molesting transsexuals?

12. Welcome “climate refugees.”  (Any from Europe?  Probably not!)

13. End the extraction of natural resources anywhere there is wilderness or nature.  I guess that only leaves major cities to drill and mine in.

14. A recognition that capitalism, colonialism, racism, and patriarchy has led to global warming.

Notice how a whole lot of other issues have been mixed into this enviro-doomsday movement?  What was that about the patriarchy again?

By the way, men, especially white men, are curiously absent from the leadership of Zero Hour.  Of the 16 leaders of Zero Hour, none is a white man.  Only two are boys (or least they looked like boys when the photo was taken).  Why are boys so underrepresented from this doomsday cult?  Are boys not as easily brainwashed as girls?  Or are boys not suitable to join the fight against global warming, because they are trainee members of the “patriarchy”?

It’s easy to dismiss this as a bunch of misguided girls.  But the earlier the brainwashing begins, the more dangerous it is to society.  That’s why their ignorant adoption of doomsday ideology should be confronted, exposed, and ridiculed, regardless of their age.  With an attitude like that, Ms. Margolin should be more worried about getting a boyfriend than the ice caps melting.

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