The Reason The Democrat Left Is Going Bananas

We have written about this before. The Democrat Liberal/Left has gone off its rocker because once again they feel the Presidential election was stolen from them.

It all started in 2000 and the hanging chads. Al Gore beat George Bush in the popular vote only to get beat in the Electoral College by a paper thin margin in Florida where there was a big controversy over hanging chads. The Democrats felt that the election was stolen from them.

2016 was  almost a carbon copy. Hillary beat Trump in the popular vote but lost in the Electoral College because of Trump razor thin margins of victory in Mid-West States he was forecast to lose. The Democrats feel that this election was stolen from them.

But this is a false scenario. Pollsters rigged their polls to show Hillary was way ahead and that she would win by a landslide. They did this to discourage and suppress the Republican vote. Why should Republicans bother to vote if Hillary was going to win in a landslide? The pollsters deliberately lied and manipulated the polls to show results that were not true. Also the media, almost all Democrat Left sympathizers, believed these polls to be true as did Party bosses and workers and much of the general public.

So if all the polls showed Hillary winning by a landslide, when Trump actually won, then Trump must have stolen the election. He couldn’t possibly have won it legally? Hence the made up story, the hoax, that Trump colluded with the Russians to steal the election from Hillary.

But the facts are that Trump did nothing of the kind and the Russian activity in the American election had little impact and no effect on any ballots cast. This is a counter move, a lie, to deceive the American people into thinking that Trump is not a legitimate President hence the Democrats have every right to try to destroy him and remove him from office by any means.

But it was not Trump and the Republicans who were rigging the election but the Democrats. Consider these facts:

  • Hillary won the popular vote by 3 million votes which is exactly the number she won California by. And the only reason such a lopsided never heard of before victory total was met was because California allowed Illegal Aliens to vote. They also allowed dead people and those that had moved away to vote. And tons of people have left California.
  • Obama issued orders that voter registration roles could not be updated. That means dead people and those that had moved away could not be removed. That was a deliberate invitation to voter fraud.
  • Democrats under the leadership of Obama and enforced by DA Eric Holder were able to stop many states from enacting photo voter ID laws. If you showed up you could vote. No ID needed.
  • Obama deliberately delayed overseas military ballots to the point that it was too late to count them. So Democrats disenfranchised the overseas military vote.
  • Democrats enacted early voting, extended voting days and late closing of the polls in order to have more time to commit voter fraud because only Democrats know the one and only true way and the end justifies the means when it is done in the name of thwarting evil (Republicans).
  • Wherever there is a state Secretary of State who is a Democrat there is deliberate voter fraud. State Secretary of States are in charge of elections and they can easily change the votes in voting machines or lose paper ballots.
  • Democrats wrote into law the swearing in of voting registration personnel who could go out into the field and register voters. These were mainly Democrat Activists dedicated to enrolling only Democrats.

When you add this all up the dishonest election fraudsters are the Democrats not the Republicans. The corruption of our electoral process and the ignoring and disregard for The Rule of Law will turn the United States into a Third World Banana Republic.

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