Democrats Now Have Stealing Elections As An Official Policy

The latest weapon in stealing elections is the Provisional Ballot. A Provisional Ballot is one with errors or questions of the voter’s eligibility to vote. Years ago these ballots would have been just thrown out. Today they are held separately and only reviewed if the election is very close.

As usual Democrats appeal to Judges appointed by a Democrat, especially Obama appointees, to give the voter who cast a Provisional Ballot more time, after the election is over, to clarify their ballot. This is blatantly illegal. They also have allowed Provisional Ballot voters to submit a new ballot after the election is over, again blatantly illegal.

In Florida Brenda Snipes, Supervisor of Elections, has dumped all the Provisional ballots into the rest of the ballots which amounts to automatically counting them regardless of their defects.

The other weapon that Democrats are employing in stealing elections is allowing illegal aliens to vote. This is also blatantly illegal.

This is the problem we face throughout the country. And that is where the Secretary of State, who oversees elections, is a Democrat then illegal means are used to try to steal elections in that state because the Democrats play dirty. They do not care about fairness and obeying the law. It’s all about winning at all costs.

That is why they oppose photo voter ID laws and removing people from the voting rolls who are dead or who have moved out of state. This is why Democrats voted in the Motor Voter Law which is easy to manipulate into voter corruption. This is why the Democrats are responsible for early voting and voting by mail because they are easily corruptible. This is why Democrats will employ a cadre of voters to cast a ballot for a dead person and to run bus loads of illegal voters across state lines to illegally influence elections where Democrat Secretaries of State turn a blind eye to such illegal activities.

American Thinker reports:

With 2000 missing ballots, Brenda Snipes is either incompetent or crooked, so she blames racism

By Thomas Lifson

The continuing vote counting clown show in Broward County, as 2000 ballots now are declared missing, is an outright embarrassment to the vote fraud deniers in the media and politics. Elections supervisor Brenda Snipes has crewed up so many things so often that the charitable interpretation is that she is utterly incompetent. The less forgiving explanation would be that she is crooked. Either way, the gates are open to those who would want to fix elections when ballot security, keeping provisional ballots separate, and other fundamental issues of security are absent.

Naturally, she is playing victim. The Guardian reports:

A top elections official in Florida who endured national humiliation after missing a midterms recount deadline by two minutes has told the Guardian that racism is “probably” a factor in the backlash against her.

Sarah Chakales@sechakales

As of 1:30pm we still haven’t seen or heard from Dr. Snipes. The Canvassing Board gave her until 1pm to present her findings regarding 2040 missing ballots. At noon, the #Broward SOE asserted the missing ballots are in the building. But again, she has yet to reappear. #FLRecount

The idea that no African-American can be criticized for any reason other than racism is so pernicious because it denies moral agency to an entire ethnic group. I have to believe that most Americans are sick of this.  


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