How Did Trump Ever Get Into Power?

Victor Davis Hanson

It didn’t take a Rocket Scientist to figure out what was ailing America. However, too many traditional Republicans, already in the government, were stuck with an agenda and an ideology that did not match reality. Trump, who was not a politician and who was not in government service ever, saw this. Since he had no favors he had to repay and he didn’t care to take lobbyist’s money that would straight jacket him into a position he didn’t believe in, he could afford to think and act outside the box.

While America’s greatest living Historian, Victor Davis Hanson, lists four areas of Trump attack during the 2016 election which we will list further down the page, we would like to concentrate on one big point – THE FORGOTTEN AMERICANS.

THE FORGOTTEN AMERICANS are everybody in the Middle of the country – Middle America, The Heartland. If you traveled the Heartland during the Bush and Obama years you could roll into towns and smaller cities and think you were in a war zone. Factories gone, closed up, schools vacant, infrastructure dilapidated , farms overgrown with untilled land – virtual ghost towns.

Trump brought back the message of Ross Perot. Middle Americans knew years ago that they were being sacrificed on the altar of Free Trade, Globalization and illegal immigration reducing their wages and sucking their local government budgets dry.

Meanwhile the Democrats were concentrating on the two coasts where all the power, money, corporations and media was. You had Silicon Valley, Wall Street, the big Banks and financial Institutions, all the prestigious Universities, The New York Times and all the TV Networks and High Tech. Here is where all the action was and it was in the hands of the Left. Republicans who tried to just compete in these areas and forget about the rest of the country as the Democrats did, always came up second best.

Trump saw this. He saw the Farms, the Manufacturing, the small businesses disappearing from the Heartland and he campaigned on:

1. America First – the hell with Globalization

2. Reverse and reform bad Trade Deals – bring manufacturing back which Obama said couldn’t happen

3. Stop illegal immigration – which brought down American wages

4. Reduce our involvement in foreign wars – bring back the troops

These are the big four that Victor Davis Hanson, who is not a great Trump lover, puts forth. And they brought Reagan Democrats and lunch pail Democrats to vote for Trump.

Consequently Trump won Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana,and Wisconsin – most of the Rust Belt in addition to the rest of the Heartland. It became an election of Middle America, the Rust Belt and The Heartland versus the Left Coast and the Beltway. People talk about how severely divided America is and this is the division, the Middle of America versus the two coasts. And this is how Trump will run his re-election campaign, solidifying those areas he won in 2016.

We might take a moment for honorable mention. Because a few additional issues that Trump campaigned on also won him a lot of votes. They would be to bring the American Military back from oblivion, to correct the poor treatment of veterans, especially at VA Hospitals and curbing the out of control agenda of the wacko Environmentalists.

Going forward Trump needs to pay some attention to voter fraud, vote harvesting and the numerous ways the Democrats and the Left subvert and rig our democratic elections.

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