One Step Backward To Take Two Steps Forward

Trump Lives To Fight Another Day

Trump is not wedded to a radical ideology as most Democrats are. Democrats cannot compromise. They wield power ruthlessly. They pay lip service to human needs. Power is what they are after.

How many people know that the Republicans in Congress offered numerous bills to pay government workers who were not getting paid during the shutdown? And that the Democrats deep sixed every attempt by Republicans to give these workers paychecks. Probably not too many of you as the Democrats have the Media in their pocket and lying, cheating and slandering are tools they use all the time.

Trump decided that the well being of unpaid workers trumped his commitment to The Wall. He knew for the good of the nation and the American people that he would have to unilaterally give in and take one step backward in order to take two steps forward. Thus he will live to fight again another day. Meanwhile the Democrats have portrayed themselves as mean spirited, unretractable obstructionists who care more for their ideology then they do for humankind.

American Thinker reports:

Too much spin about Trump

By Carol Brown

Does anyone else have vertigo from all the spin about Trump ending the shutdown?

Pundits on the right are all over the map, though most seem to be spouting some variation of disappointment about Trump’s decision.

Bottom line: Few, if any, were privy to the President’s motivations and all the factors that came to bear on his decision to (temporarily) end the (partial) shutdown even without funding for the wall in hand.

As long as Trump understands the left has waged war against him, his supporters, and this nation, then he knows what’s at stake. That doesn’t guarantee that he’ll be able to pull off what’s necessary, but given his track record of success, there’s reason to hope.

If he doesn’t have what it takes to fight with everything he’s got, then we’re in trouble. But he appears to be a fighter, so, again, there’s reason to hope.

That said, the man cannot fight every battle alone on so many fronts against those who wish to take him down. He needs more support among the rank and file in the GOP and there’s little reason to think it will be forthcoming.

We dodged a bullet (a nuke!) in 2016 and were blessed with Donald J. Trump. How long he can sustain this battle and how many battles he can win remains a mystery.

May he be blessed with all the strength he needs today, and going forward, in this fight to save our nation.

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