Russia Roulette


The American people have yet to realize how serious ofense this whole so called investigation was. It has been an attempted bloodless Coup d’Etat. It has involved one party weaponizing the Executive Departments of the Federal government. It has involved one Party electronically spying on the other. It has involved one party illegally unmasking American citizens who were involved with the other Party. It has involved one party attempting to put spys into the campaign of the other.

Can you imagine what Operatives placed in the Trump campaign would do?Why they would start communicating openly with Russian Operatives therby sealing Trump’s conviction of treason.

You see this never was an investigation. This was a process dedicated to over throwing Trump.

Rush reports:

This was never an investigation. There was nothing to find. There was no collusion. There was never any evidence of it. There was no need for a special counsel. It was a political appointment to satisfy some Democrats and to get rid of Trump. There was no need for an investigation because there had not been any evidence produced of collusion.

All they had was the dossier, so it wasn’t even really an investigation. It was a coup! It was an organized effort to poison the political landscape against Donald Trump. Robert Mueller knew before this investigation began there was no collusion. But let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. They begin the so-called investigation and after a month it’s abundantly clear there’s no collusion, and yet Mueller keeps going. He doesn’t shut it down. He doesn’t make any interim announcement that the investigation has found no evidence of collusion. Kept it going.

This was not an investigation. It was made to look like one. It was categorized as one, characterized as one, reported on as one, but when you get down to brass tacks, it was not even an investigation. It didn’t take two years to discover what Mueller reported, that there was no collusion and no evidence of obstruction. Well, Mueller didn’t report that. Left it up to Barr to conclude. Barr concluded it based on what he read in the report. It was nothing more than the poisoning of the political landscape.

Now what’s happening, the Drive-By Media not shamed, not feeling any remorse, not feeling any disgrace over being totally wrong about this, because it wasn’t an investigation. It wasn’t that they were wrong. It is that they have failed, at least so far. The objective: Get rid of Trump. They have failed at that. Now it’s on to the next phase of getting rid of Trump.

So it wasn’t an investigation, and it wasn’t honest reporting about an investigation. It was all of these people aligned on the same side moving an objective, in this case a silent coup to poison the landscape, the American people against their president and try to convince them he was a traitor and a Russian agent. That bombed out.

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