Democrats Struggle To Let Go Of Collusion Hoax

American Thinker reports:

What Trump is guilty of

By Andrew Benjamin

Donald Trump, the president of the United States, behaved as any innocent man would, behave having been framed by fabricated propaganda prepared by foreign intelligence agents and paid for by his political enemies

He behaved as any innocent man might when prosecutors hounding him were enabled and appointed by his political enemies.  He behaved as any innocent man might when he realized that his prosecutors included the chief counsel of the Clinton Family Foundation and Barack Obama’s deputy assistant attorney general and that the chief witness against him was represented by Hillary Clinton’s longstanding lawyer whom the Washington Post called “The Ultimate Clinton Loyalist.”

He acted as any innocent man might who realized that his home, phone lines, offices, and associates were being spied on, wiretapped, surveilled, followed, photographed, and even infiltrated by paid spies and foreign agents sent by his domestic political enemies who deliberately set him and his family up in a sting operation.  Meanwhile, the selfsame people vehemently denied that the spying took place

In other words, he acted against the blatant injustice by pushing back against criminal operatives conspiring to frame him.

He acted as any innocent man might who realized he was being framed for a crime his framers, rather than he himself, committed: collusion with Russia, treason of which he was accused publicly by top-level intel agents working for the media, a former president, and the opposition candidate.  Trump objected to the coordination, collusion, and conspiracy among his political enemies to commit a crime against himself, the office of the presidency, the American People, and democracy — first, to frame the candidate for the nation’s highest office, and second, to frame the president now sitting in the nation’s highest office.

The president is guilty of self-defense. 

He is guilty for fighting fictional, fabricated, and false charges against himself for crimes he’s innocent of. 

He’s guilty of feeling sincere frustration against the daily, persistent, and disingenuous political attacks, lies, and speculation; he’s guilty for expressing opinion.  He’s guilty for protesting the dishonest witch hunt that is nothing more than revenge for his 2016 victory and his subsequent astonishing successes.  He’s guilty of sincerity and honesty, for thinking he’s being unjustly prosecuted and framed by corrupt officials of a corrupt-to-the-core party, some of whom profess to belong to his party but are, actually, working actively against it.

He acted as any innocent man might who would deny the preposterous charges made against him by serious people formerly in power whose favored candidate lost.  He acted as any innocent man might who would object to the methods by which these charges were fabricated out of thin air, paid for by the political opposition, manipulated by the media, the goal posts frequently moved, and how the transparent politically motivated story du jour was amplified, distributed, and spun. 

He acted as any innocent man should act — by pushing back. 

He acted by refusing to lie down while being steamrolled. 

He acted by refusing to be railroaded into criminality not of his making.

He acted as any innocent man should, by trying to obstruct injustice. 

This is the injustice against his person, integrity, and performance, the injustice of being framed by greedy, self-dealing, soulless, and cowardly criminals not fit to shine his shoes.  These are criminals who paid for the fabricated pack of lies and evidence illegally obtained. They deliberately and speciously persecuted him, knowing he was innocent.  They, along with their media associates, coordinated, colluded, and conspired among themselves and with foreign agents to give the false impression to the nation that the president obstructed justice by vocally objecting to the three-year-long witch hunt against him, his family and associates, and the American people.


if every time a president gets elected and his opposition’s response is to try to jail or topple him, instead of just doing a better job at election time to get him out of there, the precedent would be to destroy every president, impeaching every last one of them. 

American Thinker reports:

Elizabeth Warren: Hey, Congress, impeach Trump! I need to win the Democrat nomination

By Monica Showalter

Her presidential campaign on the rocks, her polling in single digits, and her calls for more consumer protection and taxing the rich going nowhere, Elizabeth Warren is trying out a new tack.

Here she goes:

The Mueller report lays out facts showing that a hostile foreign government attacked our 2016 election to help Donald Trump and Donald Trump welcomed that help. Once elected, Donald Trump obstructed the investigation into that attack.— Elizabeth Warren (@ewarren) April 19, 2019

Thing is, impeachment is a popular topic — on the rabid left, and only on the rabid left.

Nobody else wants it.  House speaker Nancy Pelosi doesn’t.  Not too long ago, and despite her bottomless loathing for Trump, she declared his impeachment “not worth it” and said she would need to work with the guy if she wanted to accomplish any legislation at all.  What’s more, she knows what impeachment obsession among the House Republicans over President Clinton and President Obama did to Republican majorities in the the House.  She’s no fool.  Everyone is a conservative about things she knows best, as Robert Conquest’s law of politics goes.  Moderate Democrats from vulnerable red districts in the House, of whom there are many, certainly don’t want it.  And even far-left socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is distancing herself from it, falsely saying she takes no pleasure in it (but she knows she has a critical mass of cushion of opposition to it from the Democratic adults in the room, so she can yell about being all for it without political repercussions).

Now we have the spectacle of Sen. Liz Warren telling her fellow Democrats in the House to get out there and get going with the impeachment procedures.  Forget about all that legislation you wanted to get passed, skip the analysis about the effect of impeachment-obsession on your red districts; just impeach, impeach, impeach, regardless of the political cost, and commit hara-kiri.  For her sake…so she can be the Democratic presidential nominee.  She’s been having trouble getting traction with the voters, who aren’t over her fake Indian stunt, and now she wants them to sacrifice themselves.

Such a nice fake Indian.

It’s not only howlingly self-centered; it’s very bad politics on a broader level.  Number one, it typically gets the controlling party thrown out.  Two, it’s bad in a broader sense: if every time a president gets elected and his opposition’s response is to try to jail or topple him, instead of just doing a better job at election time to get him out of there, the precedent would be to destroy every president, impeaching every last one of them.  It would pretty much be like Latin America, where most every Mexican president eventually flees the country after losing power, or the sad situation we saw this week in Peru, where former President Alan Garcia, a very good leader in his second term, committed suicide before being arrested.  It’s not a formula for a stable democracy.

But here we have Liz Warren, jumping right in and telling her House Democrat colleagues, Eddie Haskell–style, to go on, Beav, do it: impeach the guy.  All so she can benefit.

My forecast: Her poll numbers go down even more than they already are, particularly with national audiences.  It’s pathetic.

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