The Polarization Myth


Greg Gutfeld

We hear from the media and other well-intentioned individuals about the great divide, the recent polarization of the American people since Trump got elected.


The Left, as Gutfeld will tell you, has infected all aspects of society and American life and politicized everything.

The Left does not compromise. It is their way or the highway.

Conservative Republicans think Democrat Leftists are wrong. Democrat Leftists think that Conservative Republicans are evil.

The reason THAT THERE SEEMS TO BE MORE DIVISION IN AMERICA TODAY is because we now have a President who will fight back. For years now Republican office holders have been spineless wimps. They have let the Left take control and then been afraid to challenge their dogma. NOT TRUMP.

The Trump challenge is what makes it seem that the country is more divided today than in previous years. Trump is not backing down and giving in to the demands of the Left as Republicans have done now for decades.

The Left’s idea of compromise is to accede to their demands and adopt their policies. That’s not compromise, that’s surrender.

Well intentioned people ask why can’t we all just get along? Why can’t Republicans reach across the aisle and meet the Democrats half-way? Why can’t there be more bi-partisanship for the good of the country?

And the answer is there is no half-way with the Democrats. It’s all their way or nothing.

Republicans have reached across the aisle and the result has been a caving in to Democrat demands.

TRUMP WON’T DO THAT. He is the first Republican President since Reagan who will fight back and not surrender.

The real reason there is not more reaching across the aisle and compromise between the two major parties is that the Democrat Left has an AGENDA from which they refuse to budge. They are Ideologically driven. The Republican Right is not so much. You will find Conservatives are too busy cultivating careers, raising families and worshipping God to let an ideology take over their lives. For the Left everything is political, and their ideology is their religion. Heretics must be burned at the stake or utterly destroyed.

Democrats back a few decades used to be Liberals not Leftists. Compromise and bi-partisanship was possible then. BUT THE LEFT HAS HIJACKED THE DEMOCRAT PARTY. Just look at “The Squad” and the influence they have. Marxists-Socialists do not compromise. The cause is everything. Nothing else matters more. Not family, not country, not God.

When Obama was President and Obamacare was being put together by the Democrats, the Republicans offered over 100 Amendments. The Democrats wouldn’t even look at them but threw them into the waste basket. Ultimately, they barred Republicans from the Committee writing Obamacare. Obama said – We won the election; we get to write the bills. When you win the election, you can wrote the bills. We don’t want or need your input.

And that shows you how the Democrat Left operates. And that is why there is no bi-partisanship in American politics. And that explains the polarization myth. The divide in America is greater than it was for two major reasons:

  1. The Left hijacked the Democrat Party
  2. Trump fights back. He does not give in. He does not surrender.

The Lexington Libertarian

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