We’re Not Falling For It Anymore

Tim Bryce

Another ecellent article by my friend Tim Bryce. This time in the form of a letter.

Dear Democrats,

Take your strategy of divide and conquer through identity politics, pitting young vs. old, white vs. black, men vs. women, etc., and go home.

Take your racism and hatred and go home. We welcome all races and faiths. No, we are not “Deplorables,” we’re Americans.

Take your lies and deceptions aimed at character assassination and go home. We are the party who fought for equality in the Civil War and Women’s Suffrage. Your Russian collusion fairy tale fooled only the people of your own party.

Take your political correctness aimed at distorting our morality and history and go home. Quit trying to change the lexicon of our vocabulary. And, Yes, we believe in American exceptionalism and sovereignty.

Take your endless giveaways intended to buy votes, and go home. Your path leads to the economic destruction of the country.

Lawfully demonstrate and protest if you want, but do not dare attack anyone physically. While you are at it, clean up your mouth, and try using class instead of trash.

And take your lapdogs, the Fake News Media, home with you. Their distortion of the truth is insulting.

We simply do not buy it.

We want substance, not facade.

No, we do not want incompetent leaders who do not possess any practical experience; who suborn religion, capitalism, the constitution, and common sense; who only offer policies of tax and spend, and larger government.

No, we do not want to become wards of the state. We believe in true liberty.

No, we do not want government officials who can be bullied or led by the Main Stream Media.

And we certainly do not want a geriatric leader prone to gaffs and confusion having his finger on the trigger.

Quit thinking we are blind to your tactics and agenda.

We are on to you and have had enough of your belligerent subversion.

– Republicans with common sense

(Tim Bryce – timbryce.com) – 8/22/2019

Copyright © 2019 by Tim Bryce. All rights reserved.

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