If Climate Change Is WWII, Why Don’t We Invade China And India?

Watch this video. The Democrats have gone off the deep end. Call the men in the White Coats. Do they really think that this resonates with the American people?

Don’t laugh, they are really serious. It goes to show you what happens to people when they get overtaken by an ideology which becomes their religion. Of course they must destroy the heretics.

Those who do not accept the Radical Environmental Religion of the Left, the Democrats want to fine and throw in prison. Just for expressing a skeptic point of view they want to cart you off to jail.

Don’t laugh. If you let them in power they will do exactly that. They are dead serious.

” The Democrat Party has become a doomsday cult”

Rush Limbaugh

Everyone of these Democrats have gone loony tunes over Global Warming.

Democrats running for President in 2020

There isn’t any science in this. This is all politics. There’s no science to climate change, man-made. It’s all made up. This is the worldwide left.  They are insane, and they’re doing their best to scare everybody.  There isn’t any science in this. This is all politics. There’s no science to climate change, man-made. It’s all made up.

Telling your kid that the world is going to being uninhabitable unless we trust our freedoms and the entire global economy to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Green New Deal.

I think this is a form of child abuse!  I think there is human and child abuse going on in the Democrat Party, 

Rush Limbaugh

Rush goes on to further explain:

They’re making it all up. They’re just making this up.

Now, Mayor Pete the other day said this is our equivalent of World War II. Okay. Let’s accept that. The two countries on earth that are emitting the vast majority of so-called greenhouse gasses are India and China. We are not! The United States’ CO2 emissions have been reduced to the same levels they were in 1985, and note that hasn’t changed a thing. That’s a major achievement, folks, to roll back “pollution” levels to 1985. You’d think they’d be out there taking credit for it and saying we need to do more.

Now they’re acting like we haven’t done diddlysquat.

But the two leading countries are China and India. Well, the question is: Why aren’t we invading? If this is the equivalent of World War II, and if these people are destroying the planet, if China and India are destroying the planet…? If the planet’s ecosystem is being destroyed so that human life cannot exist, what are we doing? Why aren’t we attacking? Why aren’t we going to China and India with every weapon we’ve got and threatening them, if it’s that serious? And I’m not exaggerating. I’m asking you a legitimate question based on their infantile, childish behavior and predictions.

A consensus of scientists says that even if we were to get ours down to zero it wouldn’t change anything because of China and India. Well, then it seems to me that we need to do something about China and India. But notice they’re always exempted! China and India are exempted from the Paris accords. Do you know why? Because China and India both tell the United Nations to go to hell, that they’re not doing it. And what do we say? “Well, we can’t tell other nations what to do.”

No, they can only tell you what to do. I’m telling you, folks, this subject just continues to frost me. If they really, really cared about all of this… Look at China alone. You know the latest craze is the plastics in the ocean. It’s disturbing the turtles and all that. Turtle noses have straws in them and all that. China produces a third of the ocean’s plastic garbage. The consensus of scientists agrees with this.

China’s CO2 emissions are greater than ours and Europe combined, and they keep going up. What the hell are we sitting waiting around for? Why aren’t we invading if it’s our World War II? Why aren’t the wackos in this country going after all these multinational companies that continue to do business with China and India? Hmm? I’m just asking logical questions based on the scare tactics these people are throwing at us.

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