Warmist Lies And Deceptions

Climate hysterics now push eating human flesh to cope with ‘climate change’

Ten Questions for Warmists:

If climate change is an existential threat, do you support the rapid construction of nuclear power plants, which are a zero-emission proven technology that doesn’t suffer from problems of unreliability like wind and solar?

The policies associated with addressing climate change often make energy more expensive, disproportionately harming the poor, elderly and minorities. What is your plan to keep hundreds of thousands of Americans from plunging into poverty due of the implementation of your climate plan?

In his research, William Nordhaus – who won the Nobel Memorial Prize for his work on the economics of climate change policy – shows that the UN’s temperature targets would cause far more damage than benefits. Does that concern you at all? What is your ideal temperature for the globe?

According to standard modeling, even if all governments (including the U.S.) met their Paris Agreement pledges, the world would still experience at least 3.0 degrees Celsius of warming, blowing well past the UN’s recommended safe range of 1.5C – 2C. At what point should we admit that President Trump was right to exit an agreement that would caused undue economic harm to American families while doing nothing to save us from the impending catastrophe that you are warning us about?

Will you provide the public with an audit of your campaign’s carbon footprint?

Are you in favor or opposed to carbon dioxide?

The Washington Post reported that Cong. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s Chief of Staff said the Green New Deal “wasn’t originally a climate thing at all … we really think of it as a how-do-you-change-the-entire-economy thing.” Is that how you look at it? Is this actually a way to put politicians in control of consumer’s energy decisions?

Technology often associated with a green energy economy, such as battery storage or renewable energy forms like solar panels, rely on rare earth minerals which must be mined. How can you be for these types of technologies, but against the industry that must produce them?

If rising sea levels are a certainty, do you have a comment on why President & Mrs. Obama recently purchased a $15 million-dollar beach house on Martha’s Vineyard? What do they know that we don’t?

Given that Washington Governor Jay Inslee, who centered his presidential campaign on the issue of climate change and who has failed three times impose a carbon tax on families in his state, has already dropped out of the race, where do you rank climate change on your list of platform priorities?

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