The Video That Won Trump The Election

Globalists in our country made one after another of bad trade deals. Globalists don’t care about the economic viability of the United Staes. Globalists put the world first and their country second.

The rsult was manufacturing cities and towns across this country with closed down factories that had moved overseas and left workers without jobs and on welfare. Thes communities looked like run down ghost towns.

And to add insult to injury Globalists let China steal our patents, steal our factories, devalue their currecy in order to put American companies out of business and fail to live up to their end of any trade agreements. We subsidized China year after yera after year whether the Administration was Democrat or Republican. Globalists are in both political parties.

This is why Trump won the Rust Belt, states like Michigan that hadn’t voted Republican in years. The Democrat Party abanded the blue collar factory worker. Workers for example in the auto industry, tire industry, steel industry, coal industry, oil companies and many others were losing jobs to companies that packed up and went overseas.

Leftists then decimated our military and apologized to the world for being American. They wanted the United States weak and unable to protect itself.

They also advocated for Open Borders and did everything possible to let illegal aliens flood the country in hopes that they would add voters to the Democrat Party.

Leftists then pushed Global Warming to a state of ridiculousness and under Obama armed the EPA to disenfranchise famers, ranchers, oil companies, coal companies, fishermen, and developers among others. The culmination in this Carbon hoax is the Green New Deal endorsed by every Democrat candidate for President.

Then the Left sought to pit one American against another and reopened rascist charges against decent American citizens. The American electorate had elected the first Black President, Barrack Obama, as a signal that racism was a thing of the past and that America had enetered a new age of color blindness. But the Left reopened the wounds of race for political advantage.

They launched a war against the police and they tore down statues of anything or anyone of Southern or Confederate historical significance. They claimed that the United States was a racist nation and they fanned the flames of racial hatred. They saw White Supremicists where none existed.

Finally they pushed Abortion to Infanticide, bullied Conservatives and Republicans and refused to let anybody speak on College Campuses unless they were Leftists.

If Elizabeth Warren gets the Democrat nomination for President she will lose West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Michighan, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconson and Minnesota do to her radical policies.

The American Blue Collar worker, White or Black, Labor or non Labor, Self employed or employed by corporations is in revolt. The Democrat Party has deserted them in favor of non citizens , Globalism over Nationalism and looney, radical causes . The Leftists who have hijacked the Democrat Party hate America.

What will win for Trump is, AMERICA FIRST!

President Donald Trump reacts before speaking at a rally at the Phoenix Convention Center, Tuesday, Aug. 22, 2017, in Phoenix. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

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