Trump Impeachment Hearings A Farce

I know, by the way (and we all know) Schiff doesn’t have anything. There is no crime. There hasn’t been a crime since they first alleged Trump colluding with Russia, since they first alleged that Trump was a traitor. There hasn’t been any evidence of a crime. Everything here is an illusion, and so the real question here is, “Can Adam Schiff do it?“Is Adam Schiff the guy to literally pull off the impeachment of a president without a crime?” That is the objective that they have undertaken here. This thing as a TV show today did not have any evidence. It did not have anything that people were led to believe it was going to have.There wasn’t anything blockbuster. These two guys are not even personal witnesses to anything. Taylor has never even spoken to Trump. There was nothing here that even approached the kind of bombshell allegations there were in the Kavanaugh hearings. There was nothing here that even gets close to what were bombshell allegations in the Clinton impeachment. There we had perjury. We had suborning perjury. Prior to all that, we had the semen-stained blue dress. And they’re trying to tell you that the way Donald Trump is being president is so out of regular channels that it is impeachable. It isn’t! It’s exactly why elections choose the president and not these people. None of these people are elected. None of these people are accountable. But of course, Washington is gonna think these guys are brilliant and wonderful because they are part of the entire Washington establishment that everybody in Washington is part of. Trump is not. The problem for Schiff and the Democrats, they have no evidence. There’s nothing. They don’t have an impeachable offense or a high crime, bribery, or any of that. Adam Schiff is literally running an effort, an impeachment of Donald Trump, trying to get him thrown out of office without one crime having occurred. This would be a very difficult challenge for anybody to do, and I’m telling you Schiff can’t do it. And they don’t. They don’t have a foundation for it. This is a wing and a prayer. As Democrat congressman Al Green said (doing impression), “We have to impeach the SOB, otherwise he gonna be reelected.” That’s exactly how they’re looking at. We gotta impeach him, otherwise he’s gonna be reelected, gonna win reelection. We can’t stop it, so we gotta impeach him.

Rush Limbaugh

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