The Deep State Is The Bureaucracy Empowered To Undemocratically Rule Us

Bureaucracy Is Ruling Us Not The Wishes Of The People

American Thinker reports:

Stop the madness before the Democrats destroy the Constitution

By Ed Timperlake

There is one huge constitutional issue for any Senate impeachment trial that our current lightweight elected pols have not considered.

The Democrats and their fake news enablers have staged a nasty fabricated show in the House, and the Senate, respecting the principle of comity will have a trial. But the Chief Justice’s impartiality, his most sacred shield of integrity, may have been totally compromised. In an American Thinker blog written September 2018 I pointed out that Chief Justice John Roberts bears sole legal responsibility for the FISA Court, which played a critical role in the attempt to drive him from office with the Russia Hoax:

The chief justice of the Supreme Court is ultimately responsible for protecting all Americans from the growing evil of the 21st-century surveillance state.  This is because the FISC judges are unique in American history and are the wholly owned responsibility of Chief Justice John Roberts, who alone appoints them.  To take the great Harry Truman quote when president: “the buck stops here,” the sacred social contract of his stewardship in owning the FISC-appointed judges means that the buck stops with the chief justice

So while the Democrat House star chamber churns on, Executive Branch investigators and lawyers are assembling an evidence-driven case that the FISC Judges (plural?) were compromised by significant frauds on their courts.  Consequently, before any Senate trial, the facts of the fraud on the FISC Court must be made known to all Americans. Once the case is made first in the court of public opinion and then a jury trial for many seditious conspirators one of the most important questions must be asked;

Mr. Chief Justice what did you do about the fraud on your Court?

Official portrait of Chief Justice John Roberts

His personal answer must pass muster and not disappear into DC legal gobbledygook. The integrity of the Senate trial would be suspect if the Chief Justice were actually a cooperating witness to one of the greatest frauds ever perpetrated on our constitutional safeguards. It is that serious.

I never thought I see a day when the naked greed for power by leaders of Democratic Party would cross the line and set in motion a process that could destroy the very foundation of our Constitution.  If they proceed to vote Articles of Impeachment out of the House of Representatives, they will set in motion an unforeseen constitutional crisis not contemplated by the wisdom of the founding fathers,

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