Trump A Cult Leader Says The Left

So 50% Of Americans Are Cult Followers? And Trump Is Using Mind Cotrol? Further Proof The Left Has Gone Crazy ~ Insane, Out Of Control.

Steven Hassan

News Busters reports:

This is CNN: Trump a ‘Destructive Cult’ Leader Using ‘Mind Control’ on Supporters

By Nicholas Fondacaro 

Remember back to 2014 when CNN became a laughingstock when they suggested aliens might have abducted Malaysia Flight 370? Well, it took over three years of a Trump presidency but they finally reached a similar milestone again. This time, however, they did it when CNN media “journalist” and host of so-called “Reliable Sources” ended his Sunday show with a segment decided claiming President Trump was a “destructive cult” leader like Jim Jones and using “mind control.”

He began the segment by claiming “the word ‘Cult’ has been popping up more and more.” His evidence was the ramblings of anti-Trump talking heads and a serial liar, two of which were on his show in as many weeks:

Think back to two weeks ago on this program, Anthony Scaramucci talked about his claim that Trump supporters are in a cult. Just last week, Dan Rather said he thinks for Trump seems increasingly cultish. And this weekend in The Washington Post, Trump critic and Republican strategist John Weaver said, the GOP is “not a party anymore in the traditional sense; It’s a cult.”

His expert on the matter was Steven Hassan, author of The Cult of Trump, and former member of the Unification Church cult of the ‘70s. According to this guy, Trump was “destructive cult” leader, as opposed to those “healthy cult” leaders.

Hassan then claimed, without evidence, that Trump supporters were “not being encouraged to really explore and look at the details and arrive at their own conclusion. Much of what they’re hearing is emotionally driven, loaded words, thought-stopping, and thought-terminating-type clichés…” In reality, those “clichés” they were supposedly falling for were known as political slogans: “fake news,” “build the wall,” “make America great again.”

Interesting that CNN didn’t do this during the Obama administration with his “yes we can” slogan.

You say the President is using mind control, but how is that provable,” Stelter wondered in all seriousness. Hassan basically pointed to stuff all politicians do, including CNN:

So, we can start with the pathological lying, which is characteristic of destructive cult leaders. Saying things in a very confident way that have nothing to do with facts or truthfulness. The blaming others and never taking responsibility for his own failures and faults. Shunning and kicking out anyone who raises questions or concerns about his own behavior. His use of fearmongering, immigration is a horrible thing.

It is frightening to hear a cult expert say that you see all of these signs right now today in American politics,” Stelter declared. Stelter then lashed out at Trump supporters by suggested they needed to be reprogrammed. “So, finally, the first step, if you say this is a cult, what’s the first step of deprogramming?

What a horrifying question for a “journalist” to ask.

Wait, what? So 63 million people are a cult because CNN says so? Because CNN wants to undermine the president? Because people dare not agree with them? Are they joking?

Political slogans are now “cult-like?” What about “Yes, we can?” and magazines that depicted Barack Obama as the second coming of the Messiah? How about believing in a Russia hoax for three years “without evidence?”

“Emotionally driven, loaded words, thought-stopping, and thought-terminating-type clichés?” Have they checked the folks on the left lately? The climate change folks who think the world is ending in 10 years or 18 months? Who paint idol-like murals to Greta Thunberg?

Nick Arama, Red State

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