Democrats Mirror The Marfia

Dan Bongino

Do you want to know how all these Trump hoaxes started and by whom? See the best video on this subject above.

Zero Hedge writes:

A Dec. 21 headline from The Hill screamed: “Ukraine funding freeze ordered hours after Zelensky call.” This article doesn’t even mention the fact that aid was put on hold before the call. It appears likely that, as has happened many times in the past, the Democratic Party issued a request – or, perhaps, a decree – to its media minions that they report this story in a way that supports the party’s political agenda: In this case, to support the effort to ensure the Senate convicts President Trump of the non-crimes for which he has now been impeached.

An Inconvenient President

Aside from media malpractice – which is now so common that it is barely worth reporting – the emails in question hint at one very likely reason for the disdain felt for Trump within the so-called “deep state.”

The holding up of aid was, of course, giving a lot of bureaucrats heartburn. They are not used to being this closely scrutinized by politicians. They are used to having members of Congress and presidents casually sign off on multi-million-dollar packages and then leaving it to these bureaucrats to manage the distribution of funds. What a marvelous job that is to have: Being tasked with throwing hundreds of millions of dollars around with barely any real oversight, save from one’s fellow bureaucrats.

Along comes a president who wants to know where this money is going, wants to know on what the money is being spent and does not really like the idea of throwing this money around in the first place. Little wonder the unelected government desk-jockeys do not much care for him and would like to see him gone. Why, it is almost enough to make one of them don the mantle of “whistleblower” and file a complaint about something this inconvenient president said to a foreign leader.

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