Pelosi Is Taking A Wrecking Ball To The Constitution

What is not getting noticed here because the media is in the tank for the Democrats is that the Left, and that includes Democrats, don’t play by the rules. The House wants to impeach Trump for using his Constitutional Rights.

That Mueller knew nothing about the Steele Dossier is a joke.

The FISA abuse is criminal.

It all started with Obama weaponizing his Cabinet and the Executive Branch of the government. Remember Lois Learning and the IRS going after Conservative groups denying them 501(c)3 status? The EPA strangling the economy and its power grab – every puddle in someone’s back yard was considered to be something the EPA could “manage.”

Brennan and the use of the CIA for domestic political manipulation is criminal. But the Democrat Left doesn’t care for the Consitution, The Rule of Law or playing by the rules. Anything they do to trash and remove Trump is legal in their books. They claim the morral hig hground and the only way is there way. The rest of us are stupid rubes and heretics.

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