Unconstitutional Impeachment

Levin reorts:

Friday night on the radio, LevinTV host Mark Levin offered some historical perspective on just how far outside the framers’ intent Washington Democrats’ ongoing impeachment efforts against President Donald Trump have become.

Levin read from Professor Raoul Berger’s landmark 1974 work “Impeachment: The Constitutional Problems,” which explains the debates over the Impeachment Clause at the Constitutional Convention of 1787 as well as the English history that led up to it in great detail.

In the book, Berger explains that the framers of the U.S. Constitution wanted impeachment to act as a check against the chief executive but did not want it to resemble the highly political impeachments that had taken place in England, where charges of wrongdoing were often “the sheerest facade for a politically motivated proceeding.”

In contrast, Berger wrote, impeachment in the United States “must proceed within the confines of high crimes and misdemeanors.”

This understanding of how Congress’ impeachment power is meant to be used stands in stark contrast to what’s currently being done by Democrats on Capitol Hill, Levin explained. He stated it will be up to the American people to push back and punish these actions at the ballot box.

“If the Democrat Party and the media and if a speaker of the House get away with changing the course of an election and changing the course of history by manufacturing — by contriving — unconstitutional articles of impeachment, steamrolling through the tradition of due process that’s been applied in such instances by past Congresses, and even now uses the impeachment process to blackmail the Senate, because she wants to control the outcome of a trial — if this isn’t addressed now, it’ll never be addressed.”

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