Obamacare: Health Care Redistribution


Two areas of Obamacare need to be reiterated.

First there was no need for the government to take over the whole healthcare system because we had a few people that were uninsured. Over 80% of the American public was happy with the healthcare program that they had. Why not just find out ways to take care of those in need?

Obama and rest of the Left want single payer Socialized Medicine. They needed to go half way to institute a program that would eventually lead to full Socialized Medicine.

To accomplish these ends and to play the Class Warfare card they chose to remake the whole healthcare system into a redistribution process. They would steal from the seniors and make the young people pay and the wealthy pay more so that they could give those without insurance a Cadillac policy totally paid for.

By insuring everybody for everything you make everybody equal, don’t you see, and in the process to provide that kind of blanket coverage you make everybody that now pays for their healthcare insurance pay more, significantly more with higher deductibles. So were all equal after this redistribution, we are all covered for everything – that is everything that is in the area of simple and moderately expensive treatments. But if you have a stroke or a heart attack or get cancer you are going to be surprised at how restrictive your treatment will be and how much they won’t pay for.

Second there is this charge out there that says that Republicans are just trying to destroy Obamacare but they have no replacement program. “Where is your program,” shrieks the Left.

Of course these Leftists have forgotten all about the 100 amendments that Republicans offered to the original AHC bill that Democrats just threw in the waste basket. Nor do many remember Obama’s words, “We won, we get to write the bills.” But above and beyond that many think tanks offered healthcare insurance programs – organizations like The Heritage Foundation, the CATO Institute, the National Center For Policy Analysis and many more. And Republican politicians like Paul Ryan offered counter plans also.

It just isn’t true that Republicans had and have no ideas on this subject. What is true is that their ideas have been shut out. But it is Republicans who have talked about:

1) Tort reform

2) Allowing the purchase of healthcare insurance across state borders

The plain fact is that Republicans have proposed many ideas that have been totally disregarded by the Obama Administration.  Health Savings Accounts coupled with just catastrophic, high deductible, very inexpensive health insurance has been a Republican idea since day one.

Also proposed by Republicans has been government supplied clinics for those who cannot afford health insurance. This is the type of solution that addresses those in need without changing everybody’s healthcare insurance and without a total government takeover of the whole system. Because in the end what the American people want is for the choice to be theirs, the medical choice of treatment that must remain between them and their doctor and not dictated by bureaucrats of the IPAB Obamacare board.

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