Globalism Out, Nationalism & Populism In

Globalism was a way for the ruling elite – Obama, Kerry, Hillary, Holder, Gore, Merkel, et all – to institute their ideology without asking the “rabble” for permission. So vast bureaucracies ground out regulation after regulation that did not make for a level playing field. Globalism was a way for the elite to take unfair advantage of the Middle Class. They set the rules of engagement and they reaped the benefits of a society set up to funnel the greatest rewards upward, not downward. While giving lip service to the masses who actually believed that Globalism as administered by the elites was the best thing for them, they set up a system where they, the elite, could not only benefit from insider information but where they could create the insider information in the first place.

Hillary and Bill Clinton are the shining examples of an elite, with inside information, and power that could enrich themselves using the International Order and government position for personal gain. Then there is Al Gore who made millions telling the rest of us how we must practice Green energy while he owns a house that burns more electricity than 100 middle class houses and where he rides his private jet to Global Warming conferences.

Brexit was the public, the masses, finally catching on and putting their foot down with – well we have had enough of that. The gig was up.

This also explains the phenomenon of Trump. Globalism is out and Nationalism and Populism is back in.

David French at National Review asks “Who’s Side Is History On Now?”

I’m old enough to remember when history had a side. History, you see, had chosen to progress toward an international order that de-emphasized international sovereignty, elevated a bureaucratic and technocratic elite, and sought to solve international conflict through a combination of moral and economic pressure. Nations caused wars, so nationalism (and even patriotism) had to be set aside. Democracy unleashed bigotry, so “the people” mattered mainly when they agreed with the elite.

It was a system that worked remarkably well for the international upper class. Men and women dedicated to commerce enjoyed unprecedented access to international markets. Activists dedicated to social justice could engineer their societies without ever truly facing the accountability of the ballot box. The logic of the system was self-proving. It would triumph through the sheer force of its virtue.

Unable to grasp the extent to which the new international order had endured and prospered not so much through its self-evident goodness but through the protection of American arms, it proved completely incapable of meeting the challenge when America chose to retreat. Vladimir Putin wanted no part of a system that sidelined Russia and viewed it as just one more economic and bureaucratic entity in a global superstate and decided to exert raw power to shape the world. He put boots on the ground in Crimea, and he dared the world to move him. He exerted his will in Syria, and he dared the world to stop him.

In response, John Kerry actually said, “You just don’t, in the 21st century, behave in 19th-century fashion by invading another country on completely trumped up pretext.” It’s a comment that would be hilarious if it weren’t so impotent. Putin did as he liked, and “history” had nothing to say about it.

At the same time, ISIS emerged — reminding a world that had already largely forgotten 9/11 what jihad looked like. To men who believed in divine favor for holy war, the new international order meant opportunity. European countries compete for the title of “moral superpower,” while ISIS merely calls them “targets.” It confronted a civilized world that had vowed “never again” with a new genocide, and that civilized world — possessing immense military power — largely chose ”compassion” over confrontation, opening its borders to floods of refugees whose ranks contain those who despise European culture, subvert European values, and rape and kill European citizens.

Is it any wonder that citizens of one of the greatest and strongest nations in human history would recoil from an international order that was proving mainly that it could enrich an elite without seeming to lift a finger to preserve the nation’s core values and traditions — the very things that had made it great and strong? Is it any wonder that citizens of other great countries are —wondering what loyalty they owe to that same elite?

And so we launch yet another phase in human history, where what’s old — nations pursuing their own interests — is new again. On one end of the European continent sits Russia, a nation that is flexing its muscles and seeking to reclaim its traditional power. On the other end is Britain, a nation that has reclaimed its independence and now faces an uncertain future defining its new relationship with the world.

Across the ocean, America faces its own crisis. Our technocratic elite has constructed its own self-serving system — one that mirrors the very system that Britain rejected yesterday. Our politics are more uncertain and chaotic than at any time in decades. We can’t predict what will happen. But one thing I do know — history never truly had a “side.” Instead, it is the story of action and reaction, and no outcome is inevitable.

Britain has acted. The world is set to change, and history can’t tell us what’s next.


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RushRush offers his usual sage observation:

I think it’s natural as it can be that people would reject cronyism, which is what the European Union is, which is what the United States government has become. It has become cronyism, and it’s exclusionary. It doesn’t include everybody. The old order that the middle class — we discussed this at length yesterday — used to trust and believe in is shot.

The old standard philosophies of work hard and try to live the best life you can and there will be a payoff at the end, fewer and fewer people trust it anymore ’cause to them the game is being rigged and it’s being rigged by the elites and the people in power to benefit only them at the expense of everybody else. And the one issue that illustrates this better than any other is immigration.

People imbued with common sense cannot understand why, either in Great Britain, or in Germany, or in the United States, the people that run the show would want to leave the borders wide open and allow the nations to be flooded with people who are not going to end up advancing the nation. They don’t understand why the elites and the cronies would leave the borders wide open in such a way as to actually do damage to the nations where this is happening.

It’s not racism. It’s not sexism. It’s not bigotry. All of the things that the elites and their media cohorts are gonna try to chalk this up to, it’s not about any of that. It’s about a desire to be self-reliant because they just don’t trust the people who claim to have all the answers and solutions for all the problems. They don’t trust the elites anymore. They don’t trust the ruling class. The ruling class has made a mess of pretty much everything.

The middle classes in all of these countries have been very patient. They have invested, they have voted for, and they have supported all of these efforts made by the elites. They have believed what they have said. They believed that these trade deals, for example, were gonna improve life, were gonna raise incomes. They’ve been patient. They’ve waited 20, 25 years for the elites’ promises to materialize. And they haven’t.

And not only have the promises not materialized, situations are deteriorating to the point that, in this country you have 94.7 million people not working. In the European Union, in places like France you’ve got 14% unemployment, but none of the pain and none of the so-called suffering, none of the obstacles seem to affect the ruling class. None of the challenges, none of the problems seem to impair the elites in any way.

And it’s taken a while, but people have finally figured out what Trump is talking about, that things are rigged. And even if they’re not specifically able to point out situation by situation, it’s inescapable by virtue of living your life that there is a rigged game going on that you’re not allowed to play.

People that desire a strong nation where they live, somehow that’s a negative, somehow we must attack that. We call it populism. We call it nationalism. It’s horrible. Nationalism, how do you explain the British empire? How do you explain the United States becoming the world’s lone superpower? We didn’t do it by joining some group. We didn’t do it by having a leech run the show. That’s not at all how we attain greatness, and this is what people are finally realizing. There’s nothing great in the EU. France wants out, a number of other nations want out.

This is a nation of people rising up against the ruling class and the elites and — make no mistake about it — cronyism. By cronyism, I mean EU leaders in bed with each other and powerful forces within all the member countries to grease the skids for their own existence, to make sure they are protected and taken care of economically at the expense of everybody else. It’s exclusionary. It’s almost a caste system. You have the upper class — and this is a big difference from the way it used to be. Even in this country and even in Great Britain, even in the days of aristocracy…

And the elites know how momentous it is. They are in abject panic today. This is the kind of thing they think they are able to control. This is precisely the kind of thing that their power and their cronyism, in their minds, is designed to stop: An uprising of common people.

This is not supposed to happen, and the central issue here is immigration. Up until this flood of refugees and illegal immigrants from war-torn areas of the Middle East… If you want to pinpoint who’s really to blame for this (because this is the result of an accumulating series of events), it’s
Angela Merkel welcoming 800,000 illegal immigrants, military-aged males from war-torn Syria — with the news that many of them were ISIS sleepers and so forth — and bragging about how she needed that many in order to rebuild the German labor force.

That opened everybody’s eyes. There were some on the fence about immigration. Immigration is one of these issues that you can be easily guilted. You can be guilt tripped into supporting it. All you have to… Somebody hears that you’re opposed to it and they call you a name. They call you a bigot or a xenophobe or a nationalist or a populist or a racist or what have you. And it’s designed to intimidate you into shutting up and not expressing your views on this. And for the longest time, those practices worked, and they’ve worked in the country as well.

But there’s always a tipping point.

Angela Merkel was the tipping point, and that just illustrated it. Greece?

It’s a series of things.

But the central occurrence, the central seminal event is out-of-control immigration that benefits the elites somehow and is an abject, inarguable detriment to the vast majority of the people who live and get up and go to work every day. Same thing in this country. The elites don’t care. They are not responsive to public opinion on this. They instead want to force their own desires on everybody else. And after a while, even the tolerant, even the absorptive, even the patient people of Great Britain had reached their boiling point. And then all these other things that cumulatively occurred before this massive latest round of immigration began, had greater resonance and we got what we got yesterday.


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