Laura Ingraham Points Out The Left’s Double Standard

Laura Ingraham is one fine lady.

Democrats can say whatever they want and no matter how outlandish the media will cover for them. But let a Republican even hint at an impropriety or like Trump be sarcastic and it becomes a major story plastered all over the news for a week. The Democrat Liberal/Left is hypocritical and they say much worse things than Republicans do. But they get away with it.

Hillary Clinton cannot run on her record. It is abysmal. So her entire campaign is trash Trump. Every little thing that Trump says is magnified, super analyzed and gone over with a fine-tooth comb. That’s all Hillary has, a totally negative campaign in which she hopes to hide her failings by pointing out Trump’s gaffes. Are the American people really that shallow to fall for that?

And one more thing. Who gets to appoint Supreme Court Justices will point this nation in the direction it will go for the next 30 years, long after I am dead and buried.


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