Obama Weaponized The FBI And The DOJ Along With The EPA, CIA, Homeland Secuirty, And The IRS


Devin Nunes

Obama placed into each Bureaucratic Agency management that used their power to squash all opposition and to remain after his two terms were up. Trump came into the White House with the entire Bureaucracy riddled with “Hit Men” who were out to get him and those surrounding him. Many are still there and they have managed to give Hillary a free pass while launching an investigation into Trump that has no merit.

Now that many have been exposed and have their hand caught in the cookie jar they stall on evidence requests, FOIA requests and subpoenas refusing to inform Congress on what they are doing and the means used in their hit jobs. The Executive Branch of government is not under the control of the President at this time, but it should be. This amounts to a virtual to a coup d’etat. Until such time as Trump can clean house and drain the swamp the American people are going to be faced with a vitriolic war within the federal government, a war that only accentuates the divide in this country and leaves both sides with bitter feelings and justifications to violate the law in pursuit of their agenda.

Without the Rule of Law being supreme the United States is just like any other Banana Republic.

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